Dispute Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

If I did not receive a statement or invoice, how can I be expected to pay?

Pursuant to Florida Statute 718.116(1)(a) a unit owner is obligated to pay assessments while  the unit owner owns the unit.  The statute does not require a statement, invoice or payment book be sent to the unit owner.

Is the Association obligated to forward statements if I have moved?

A unit owner’s obligation to pay assessments is not conditioned on the Association’s success in tracking down the unit owner to send the unit owner a statement. 

The statement I have received does not reflect all the payments that I have made in the past.  What can I do to correct the information?

Please be advised that you have been sent a detail of your account.  If you have made payments that are not reflected on this statement, please send proof of payment (front and back copy of check) for any payments that do not appear on the detail we have provided to Disputes@Blawgroup.com.  If we do not receive proof of payment for missing items, we will consider this matter closed and proceed with collections.

If I am making payments on time, why am I still paying late fees every month?

F.S. 718.116(3) requires that all payments be applied in order starting with interest, late fees, attorney’s fees, costs, and then past due assessments.  In order to avoid having to pay interest or late fees each month, the past due amount owed must be paid in full.

What if I have questions of a legal nature?

Business Law Group, P.A. does not represent you in this or any other legal matter.  In the event you have any questions of a legal nature surrounding the collection of your account, you must contact your own attorney. 

Is Business Law Group, P.A. considered a debt collector?

This firm is deemed a debt collector, and as such is attempting to collect a debt owed to an Association, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.  In the absence of any notice, unless you, within thirty (30) days after receipt of correspondence from this firm, dispute the validity of the aforesaid debt (or any portion thereof) owing to the Association, this law firm shall assume that the said debt is valid.  If you notify the firm within the said thirty (30) day period that the aforesaid debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, the firm shall obtain written verification of the said debt from the Association and mail the same to you.  If you dispute the amount due, please provide cancelled checks or other evidence of payment, if applicable.