Limited Liability Exception Requests and Disputes

 If you believe an account qualifies for the limited liability (aka "safe harbor") exception, please provide the following documents directly to us at

1. A copy of the original mortgage

2. Any and all assignments of the note and mortgage

3. A copy of the Note together with all endorsements and allonges, if any.

4. Where MERS is the nominee, specific authorization from the holder of the mortgage to MERS to assign that particular Mortgage to your client

5. Where MERS is the nominee and assignor, the MERS corporate resolution (certified copy) and the attached list of candidates authorizing the undersigned on the Assignment as an Assistant Vice President.

6. A copy of the Complaint in the Mortgage foreclosure case

7. If applicable, a copy of the deed in lieu of foreclosure

8. The Final Judgment in the Mortgage foreclosure case

9. The Certificate of Title in the Mortgage foreclosure case

The documents will be forwarded to the appropriate attorney for review. Once the attorney has all of those documents, we can make an accurate assessment of your client’s qualification for the limited safe harbor exception