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Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions

When is my payment due?

The date the first payment is due is stated in the agreement letter that was sent by Business Law Group, P.A.  All subsequent payments are due by the first of each month.

When is my payment considered late?

Any payment received after the 15th of the month in which the payment is due is considered late.   

Will I receive a monthly statement detailing the outstanding balance on the account?

Business Law Group, P.A. will provide periodic statements to those individuals currently on payment plans.  

Will receipts be sent via mail or e-mail?

When a payment is made by check, the cancelled check will serve as a receipt for the transaction.  If a payment is made using PayPal, a receipt is generated by the PayPal system upon completion of the transaction.  If you choose to pay by Money Order, please keep a copy of the purchase receipt for the Money Order for your records.

Are other forms of payment accepted?

In addition to checks, Business Law Group, P.A. will accept PayPal or Money Orders as a form of payment.  Credits cards are accepted on our website at  The firm will not accept cash.  

Are automatic drafts an option for making monthly payments? 

Business Law Group, P.A. will not initiate an automated payment withdrawal from your checking accounting.  Various financial institutions and PayPal do offer bill paying services for their customers.

Based on the monthly payment provide by Business Law Group, P.A., when will the delinquent balance be paid off?

Based on the number of years that have been used to calculate your payment, the delinquent balance should be satisfied after the completion of the agreed upon term.   Even after delinquent amounts have been satisfied, regular assessments will continue to be due based on your Associations’ documents. 

How are special assessments or budget changes imposed by the Association handled if I am on a payment plan?

 Business Law Group, P.A. has provided you with a payment amount based on current information provided to us by the Association.  If the Association deems it in the best interest of the Association to impose a special assessment or there are budget changes that affect your regular assessment amount, these amounts are not reflected in the payment amount. 

Is it my responsibility to contact Business Law Group, P.A. regarding the inclusion of Special Assessments or Budget Changes in my current monthly payment?

Yes, it is your responsibility to contact Business Law Group, P.A if you become aware that a special assessment or budget change has occurred and a payment arrangement needs to be made.  Only you can determine your personal financial situation and may elect to pay the amount of the special assessment or budget change using another form of payment.  

Why am I paying late fees?

Business Law Group, P.A. is required to apply your payment pursuant sections 718.116(3) and 720.308(3), Florida Statutes which require that all payments be applied in order starting with interest, late fees, attorney’s fees, costs, and then past due assessments.  In order to avoid having to pay interest or late fees each month, the past due amount owed must be paid in full.

Is Business Law Group, P.A. considered a debt collector?

This firm may be considered a debt collector, and as such is attempting to collect a debt owed to an Association, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.  In the absence of any notice, unless you, within thirty (30) days after receipt of correspondence from this firm, dispute the validity of the aforesaid debt (or any portion thereof) owing to the Association, this law firm shall assume that the said debt is valid.  If you notify the firm within the said thirty (30) day period that the aforesaid debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, the firm shall obtain written verification of the said debt from the Association and mail the same to you.  If you dispute the amount due, please provide cancelled checks or other evidence of payment, if applicable.