Your community is your home but it is also a complex corporate entity with many responsibilities.  The association is governed by a Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, as well as Florida Statutes.  Our corporate governance division will assist in drafting and updating your governing documents so that they may properly reflect your community’s goals and may be in compliance with current statutes and case law.  We will provide guidance and assistance when enforcing the governing documents and meeting all of the obligations established under the documents and Florida law. Should the need for civil litigation arise we will be at the ready to advise the board accordingly and provide representation for your association.

Business Law Group is a full service team of litigation attorneys, counselors, and legal professionals representing homeowner and condominium associations throughout the State of Florida. We are equipped to handle a broad array of association matters, whether your community is struggling with assessment delinquencies, enforcement and updating of your governing documents, or civil litigation.


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