At Business Law Group we recognize that the day to day operations of homeowner and condominium associations have become increasingly complex and have placed a tremendous burden on the homeowners who graciously volunteer their time to serve on the board of directors. 

In the current real estate market, all too often dictated by banks and foreclosing mortgagees, it is vital that your association has a team of experienced litigators who will fight for your community.  Our legal team makes it a priority to monitor and provide representation for associations so that banks may not be permitted to unnecessarily delay foreclosures or infringe on the rights of community associations.  We are fighting for community associations to collect past due assessments, fees, and costs from foreclosing mortgagees, investors, and defunct developers at the trial and appellate court levels.

The team at Business Law Group is comprised of attorneys with experience in complex litigation, construction defect litigation, insurance claim litigation, real estate transactions, and homeowner and condominium association law.  Our dedicated legal staff is organized in teams for client communication, accounting, debtor communication and litigation support.

Every one of our association clients is assigned an attorney, paralegal and accountant to oversee every aspect of collection.  Our goal is to assist, educate and counsel our association clients and their managers to help them achieve a financially stable community that will prosper for years to come.  To aid in that goal, all of our clients receive, free of charge, detailed monthly reports.

 Free monthly distributions:

  •      Monthly status reports of accounts
  •      Monthly financial reports
  •      Memo on current issues 

In addition to the monthly reports our clients receive online access to our Client Portal where you can view reports on active and closed accounts as well as financials in real time, and contact our collections team. 


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